Are You Prepared for a Network Outage?

Even the most resilient network connections are subject to occasional outages. And for most businesses, when the network is lost, so is workplace productivity and the ability to generate revenue. If you depend on an internet connection to operate your business — especially if you rely on it for ecommerce or point of sale transactions — how much revenue would you forfeit if you lost connectivity for two of your peak hours?

With Managed Failover services from Clear Rate Communication, you may never need to find out.

4G LTE Failover

4G LTE Failover leverages the dependable, unmatched Verizon 4G LTE wireless network to ensure business continuity when your primary internet connection goes out. The intelligent system can detect an ISP disruption and automatically fails your business over to the 4G LTE signal when it does. When your primary network returns, you are automatically and seamlessly routed back. For a low monthly fee, you get completely managed and headache-free protection, and the peace of mind that a network outage won’t paralyze your business.

36 mo. term 60 mo. term
Fully Managed Equipment
All Necessary Licenses
Ongoing Updates and Maintenance
4G LTE Network Data Allowance 1 GB 1 GB

 as low as $99/mo.

as low as $69/mo.

These costs reflect the most common scenarios, but may vary slightly depending on your current network structure. Talk to a Clear Rate expert to discuss your unique needs.

One-time installation charge:  $299.

Looking for other Failover options?

Clear Rate offers many solutions besides 4G LTE, whether we are your primary ISP or you’re simply looking for a secondary ISP. Talk to us today to customize a business continuity solution for you!

Are you ready for Managed Failover protection?