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Life's a lot more complicated than it used to be and so is your phone bill!

In today's highly competitive telecommunications market there seems to be a new phone company or a rebirth of an old Telco almost everyday. New communication products and service plans are being developed at a staggering rate. Never before have you had such a broad range of product and service offerings for all of your various communication needs. However, understanding your options and phone bill has become exceedingly difficult.

Several phone giants have even begun redesigning their complex phone bills, trying to make their bill easier to understand. Yet, no matter how well designed their phone bills are, they have a long way to go when it comes to offering clear and simple plans and services.

Looking at your phone bill carefully, and
understanding what it says will help you use phone services wisely and avoid extra charges and costly fees.

That's why Clear Rate Communications was formed.

Clear Rate Communications, Inc. is an independent telecommunications service provider focused on providing voice, data and Internet solutions to residential consumers and businesses throughout the Midwest. By simplifying our billing procedures and reducing the amount of various complex calling plans and confusing promos, we keep our rates and services Clear and concise for all of our customers. Clear Rate Communications is the Clear alternative to your current local or long distance provider.  Clear Rate Communications is a privately held company.

Welcome to Clear Rate Communications!