A Flexible Bandwidth Solution for Your Voice and Data in One Clear Circuit

What is Flex T-1?

Flex T-1 is a T-1 for voice and data communications that allows you to communicate how you need without having to purchase more than you need. With Flex T-1 you can combine up to 24 business lines with an internet connection for one price. As your company’s bandwidth and phone needs fluctuate, the T-1 adjusts to meet the demand.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% throughput and 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Low latency, high performance connectivity for high priority web and voice traffic
  • Flexible bandwidth options up to 12 mbps symmetrical
  • Static IP for security and ease of access

Who Needs a Flex T-1?

Flex T-1 is perfect for companies who have large call volume at peak times but also require stable and secure Internet connections. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing what works for your business and not being limited by packages that a phone company presents you. Flex T-1 gives you the flexibility to mold a circuit around your business requirements and keep costs in line. If you need a T-1 for voice traffic and your data traffic, primary or redundant, but are looking to keep costs manageable, learn more about Flex T-1.

Combine Your Phone and Internet Bills for Simple Billing Statements and Stable Monthly Costs.