Hosted UC streamlines business processes by helping employees, business partners, and customers communicate in real-time on a global basis. Hosted UC enables users to seamlessly stay in touch and eliminate communications gaps.

  • Communicate with anyone, anytime via any device (PC, cell phone, tablet) for unprecedented flexibility.
  • Speed up your communication with an interactive directory that permits voice, text, file, or video information exchange within a few minutes.
  • Provide customers with unprecedented response times and improve efficiency within your organization.

How does Hosted UC work?

Hosted UC delivers, in a single, cloud-based platform, a set of features that include enterprise messaging, presence technology (so you can see who’s in the office, in a meeting etc.), online meetings, team collaboration, cloud-based voice calls and video conferencing.

This integrated platform also makes it easier to secure communications, prevent downtime and account for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Since everything is in the cloud, the system is more flexible and scalable.  For example adding employees, changing features and other functions takes seconds and can be done remotely.

Contact center capabilities include auto-attendant, call routing and customer relationship management integrations.

Hosted UC won’t break the bank or your IT Team

Hosted UC can be installed in your network easily compared to on-premises alternatives, as there is no complex hardware installation necessary. Hosted UC eliminates those upfront costs, so there is no CapEx investment.  Since it’s easier to manage, it frees up valuable IT staff for these tasks, clearing the way for more strategic initiatives that will directly help the business.

Overall Benefits of UC

  • Improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Scalability – easily add/remove endpoints as needed.
  • Updates and security patches are included.
  • Easily connect geographically dispersed offices and remote workers.
  • Future proof – easily move, grow and upgrade your technology