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Other FAQs

Other FAQs

I have Verizon local service and have not been able to switch before. How can Clear Rate offer me service? Other companies choose not to operate in the Verizon or Frontier territories simply because the access rates are higher in rural areas. Clear Rate believes that every consumer should have a choice when it comes… read more

Toll Free FAQs

Why is toll free service so popular? Toll free numbers – 800/888/877/866-NXX-XXXX (where N is a digit between 2 and 9 and X is a digit between 0 and 9) – allow callers to reach businesses or individuals without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll free number is paid by… read more

Internet / T1 FAQs

What is a T1? T1 is a high-speed digital telephone line that can accommodate up to 24 lines or trunks. This type of service transfers signals at 1.544 megabits per second. It may be used in place of separate local trunks and lines from the local telephone company. Optical fibers may be used for all… read more

Long Distance FAQs

How do I know if I’m getting the best rates? You can be almost certain you’re not currently getting the best rates – at least, not with every call. In today’s world of highly competitive telecommunications most companies have rates and service offerings that change based upon the time of day, between peak and non-peak… read more

Local Service FAQs

What does “local access” mean? Local Access is telephone service that provides calling within the immediate area around your home, as is commonly called “Local Service”. To find out what calls are within your local access area, please click here. What is a LATA? LATA stands for “Local Access Transport Area” and is a designated… read more

Business FAQs

Who is Clear Rate Communications? Clear Rate Communications is a full service telecommunications provider with its corporate headquarters located in Troy, Michigan. Who are some of Clear Rate’s Business Customers? Clear Rate serves many businesses in the Public & Private Sector. This includes Government, School Districts, Colleges, Banks & Financial Institutions, Car Dealerships, Medical Facilities,… read more

My Clear Rate Account FAQs

What is included in my Clear Rate Telephone Plan? There are many Clear Rate telephone plans to suit all of your telecommunications needs. Our Local calling plan provides you with unlimited local calls while our Unlimited Local & Long Distance plan provides you with unlimited calling within the lower 48 states. All customers are given… read more

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