Who is Clear Rate Communications?

Clear Rate Communications is a full service telecommunications provider with its corporate headquarters located in Troy, Michigan.

Who are some of Clear Rate’s Business Customers?

Clear Rate serves many businesses in the Public & Private Sector. This includes Government, School Districts, Colleges, Banks & Financial Institutions, Car Dealerships, Medical Facilities, Manufacturers, Hotels and many other industries.

How long has Clear Rate been providing Voice, Internet and Data service?

Clear Rate has been providing service to residential and business customers for over 10 years and has been in business since 2001.

How can Clear Rate provide Voice, Internet and Data service at a lower cost than the local phone company?

In some cases, Clear Rate will bypass the local phone company facilities completely. In other cases, Clear Rate will lease only one network element referred to as the “local loop” from the local phone company, which they are required to lease due to deregulation. All or most of the network elements are provided by Clear Rate via a SONET-Based fiber-optic network. This allows Clear Rate to provide extremely reliable service at very competitive rates.

Is Clear Rate just reselling Voice, Internet and Data service like other providers do?

No. Clear Rate provides service using its own network, fiber equipment, routers, switching facilities and equipment. Clear Rate is directly connected to the public telephone network and the 911 emergency systems. Many companies will buy all Voice, Internet and Data services wholesale and sell the service as their own which can lead to long repair and service change delays.

What makes Clear Rate service reliable?

The Fiber network, equipment and back-up systems Clear Rate uses are compliant with FCC standards for back-up power and redundancy. Our network has redundant Generator and HVAC systems that are monitored 24/7, receive regularly scheduled physical inspection and proactive maintenance to ensure continued operation even in extended power outages.

What are the main benefits of purchasing integrated Voice, Internet and Data service?

Integrated Voice, Internet and Data service provides reliable Business-Class service. Repair issues are uncommon and when they do occur, they have a repair interval of 4-hours on average.

How long will it take to install our business service?

Standard installation is complete in 2-3 weeks after a signed agreement is received. We can schedule installation dates earlier or later than this to accommodate various customer needs.

Will I see a local phone technician or a Clear Rate Technician?

It depends on the solution. In many cases a local phone technician will install the local loop and a Clear Rate technician will install equipment and test your service prior to service turn-up.

Do I have to buy any special equipment?

No. Our equipment will work with virtually any phone system or customer-owned equipment.

Does Clear Rate provide any equipment?

Yes. Clear Rate will provide integrated access equipment and a power spike cube (a one-socket power strip to protect the Clear Rate equipment from power spikes).

Is there any downtime?

Yes. Downtime is typically less than 10 minutes on the day we transfer service. We conduct all work before the day of the service transfer, which minimizes downtime.

Can I transfer all of my existing phone numbers?

Yes, as well as add new telephone numbers.

If I select an unlimited calling plan, are there any calls I would be charged for?

Yes. There is a charge associated with International calling, Directory-Assistance calls and customer-owned toll-free calls (incoming). Your local and domestic long-distance in the lower 48 states are free.

Who do I call if there is a service issue?

Please contact Clear Rate Repair at 1-866-366-4665 for any repair issues.

Is electronic billing and reporting available?

Yes. You can sign-up here on the website to view your account and service electronically. Additionally, you can pull call usage reports.