What is included in my Clear Rate Telephone Plan?

There are many Clear Rate telephone plans to suit all of your telecommunications needs. Our Local calling plan provides you with unlimited local calls while our Unlimited Local & Long Distance plan provides you with unlimited calling within the lower 48 states. All customers are given access to our fast and efficient Customer Care Team. Clear Rate utilizes an extensive fiber-optic network to deliver dependable connectivity to our service network each and every day.

  • Our Unlimited Local Calling Plan includes a low monthly fee for Unlimited Local Service and a cost-competitive 4.9¢ Local-Toll and Long Distance Rate.
  • Our Unlimited Calling Plan includes Unlimited Local, Local-Toll, and Long Distance Calling to the Continental United States (not including Alaska and Hawaii).

Our calling plans offer a wide variety of features. Should there ever be trouble on your phone line, our Repair Department is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You may add Line Manager to help maintain the working condition of your inside wires in your home for only $3.95 per month.

Check here to find out what calling areas are local to your telephone number.

Is Directory Assistance included in my Clear Rate Telephone Plan?

No. Directory Assistance is $1.50 per use. You can also utilize the Internet to perform your own Directory Assistance look-ups free-of-charge! Go to www.yellowpages.com or www.whitepages.com to access Directory Assistance for anywhere in the United States and Canada at no cost to you.

What is Voicemail, and how can I retrieve my messages?

Many calling plans include Residential Voicemail. Residential Voicemail offers the ability to receive messages if you are on the line with another caller, or away from your phone. If you are unable to answer a call, it will be forwarded to your personalized Voicemail Box to allow the caller to leave a message.

For instructions on how to access your messages, contact Customer Care at 877.877.4799

How will I know when I have a new Voicemail Message?

Clear Rate offers two forms of notification; email, and text message notification. Both notification methods can be added to your account at no additional monthly charge. (Check with your wireless carrier as standard text message rates may apply)

To add or make changes to your Voicemail services, contact Customer Care at 877.877.4799

Can I call Canada? What about other International Calling on my Plan?

Our calling plans do not include calls to Canada, but calls can be placed to Canada for only 10¢ per minute. Calls placed to international numbers are billed at a per minute rate. Click here to check out our very competitive International Calling Rates.

Is a deposit required to get Clear Rate Telephone Service?

No, we never ask for a deposit to start Clear Rate telephone service and we never turn a customer away.

To start your service with Clear Rate Communications, we will process a basic credit check which will not impact your credit rating in any way. If you already have existing phone service with another carrier, there is no charge for the credit check. If you require a new telephone number, a non-refundable credit check fee of $4.95 must be paid up front. If your credit score passes Clear Rate’s pre-defined credit parameters, the conversion of your service will begin immediately. If for any reason the credit is unsatisfactory, you may be asked to start your Clear Rate telephone service as a Pre-Pay Customer.

A Pre-Pay Customer will be asked to pay the initial monthly service charges prior to activating service. Once you have made six consecutive on-time monthly payments, you may request to be removed from Pre-Pay status.

Will my phone number change when I switch to Clear Rate?

No. Your existing phone number will be converted to Clear Rate from your current carrier. The phone number & quality of service will remain the same as you have now. There is absolutely no interruption due to the service transfer.

How long does it take to start my new Clear Rate Telephone Service?

Most customers can begin enjoying Clear Rate telephone service in only 24 Hours. If you have existing phone service, Clear Rate can convert your line in 1-3 business days. Customers requesting new service can expect their lines to become active in 1-5 business days.

What happens if I refer someone I know to Clear Rate Telephone Service?

Clear Rate Communications has great appreciation for our customers that tell their family and friends about our service. Unlike other phone companies, Clear Rate Communications shows their appreciation for word-of-mouth advertising by giving a Refer-A-Friend and Refer-A-Business credit to our valued customers.

  • How the Refer-A-Friend credit works: If you have Clear Rate Unlimited Local & Long Distance phone service and you refer a friend or family member and they sign up for an Unlimited Calling Plan, you will receive a $25.00 credit once they mention your name, have been an active customer for thirty days, and paid their first invoice. The person whom you referred will also receive a $25.00 credit on their first bill. Both accounts must be active to receive the credit.
  • The Refer-A-Business credit works in the exact same way, except the credits are even bigger. If you send a business account to Clear Rate and they sign up for any of the Unlimited Business Plans, you get a $15.00 credit on your next bill for every unlimited line they sign up! So referring a friend who operates a business to Clear Rate Communications will get you a large credit on your bill. And don’t forget the business gets the same credit on their bill!

How will I know my phone number has been switched to Clear Rate?

Most customers can begin enjoying Clear Rate telephone service in only 24 hours. You may call Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799 and one of our Customer Care representatives will be happy to update you on your current order status.

Will I lose service when my line is converted to Clear Rate?

No. Your phone service will not be interrupted when you convert to Clear Rate Communications. The process of switching the service from your previous carrier is seamless to the customer.

Do I need to call my current phone carrier and cancel with them?

No. You will not need to contact your current phone carrier when you switch to Clear Rate Communications. We will alert both your local & long distance carriers electronically of your change in telephone providers. If you continue to receive new charges from your previous carrier, feel free to contact Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799.

Will I get any more bills from my previous phone carrier?

Yes. You should receive one final bill from your previous telephone carrier within 30 days of switching to Clear Rate Communications. In rare cases, your previous phone provider may continue to bill you inadvertently and may require additional notification that you have made a change in your telephone service provider. If you have any billing issues with your previous carriers, please contact Clear Rate Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799 and we will be pleased to resolve the matter.

How is my billing due date determined? Can I change my monthly due date?

We operate our billing on a 30-day billing cycle, starting from your first day of service with Clear Rate Communications. Your invoice is printed and mailed to you on the first day of each 30-day cycle, and the due date is approximately three weeks later.

If you need to change your due date, please contact Customer Care Department at 1.877.877.4799. You will be sent a bill pro-rated for the number of days of service between your old due date and your new due date. This will change your next billing cycle to the due date you request.

Effective August 17, 2021 we will increase the paper invoice fee by $1.90 for all customers receiving mailed paper invoices. The entire charge can be avoided by signing up for electronic billing at https://www.clearrate.com/ebill/ or call us at 877-877-4799 for additional assistance.

I’m moving. What do I need to do to move my phone service?

If you wish to move your service to a new address, please contact Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799. Most move orders complete within 1-5 business days, and there is a one-time fee of $59.00. The order will confirm working service at the telephone box, also known as the Network Interface device (NID), at the new location.

It is the property/homeowner’s responsibility to ensure inside wiring is properly connected to the NID in order to provide working service inside of the home. If additional work is needed to install/repair the inside wiring of the home, Clear Rate can schedule an appointment to have an Inside Wiring Technician come to your location. Inside Wire repairs are billed to the customer at $119.00 per hour (plus materials) with a minimum of one hour. To schedule an appointment, please contact Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799.

***Note*** Line Manager does not cover installation, or repair of pre-existing inside wire problems at the new location

If you are moving to an area we do not currently service, unfortunately you may not be able to keep your Clear Rate telephone service. To confirm our serviceable area, contact Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799. If you are moving to an area that is not covered by Clear Rate, you will need to contact Clear Rate to disconnect your line.