I have Verizon local service and have not been able to switch before. How can Clear Rate offer me service?

Other companies choose not to operate in the Verizon or Frontier territories simply because the access rates are higher in rural areas. Clear Rate believes that every consumer should have a choice when it comes to local telephone service.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go directly to a major carrier?

No. Larger service providers, also called “major carriers”, spend millions of dollars on their marketing and national advertising campaigns. This cost is passed along to you in the form of higher rates. The biggest cost to a long distance carrier is marketing, as it is far more expensive to acquire customers than to deliver calls. Clear Rate has grown primarily through word of mouth. We simply ask members to share their experiences. This allows us to offer the lowest costs in the industry.

How does Clear Rate offer such low rates?

Clear Rate is an independent telecommunications service provider. We do not have the high advertising costs of a major carrier, so we pass along the savings to our customers. It also allows us to spend our money to provide better service. Clear Rate utilizes a 100% fiber-optic network which is the world’s first integrated global IP-based network, and has approximately 100,000 route miles, reaching 27 countries and more than 200 major cities. This network is the world’s farthest reaching global network (based on company-owned POPs) and spans more than 4,500 Points of Presence (POPs) throughout the world, with 2.2 million global dial modems and high-capacity connections to more than 102,000 active buildings. The global IP network can circle the globe more than four times. The expansive IP footprint, coupled with its direct interconnections, exceeds all other competitor networks and enables its business customers and ISPs to reach more destinations directly through the global IP backbone.

How much will it cost to switch my service?

If you are switching both local and long distance service and are not in a contract with your current carrier, there is no cost to you. Clear Rate pays for everything and even notifies your previous carriers for you. Contact your carrier with questions regarding contract status.

How will I know if I’m switched to Clear Rate?

Just call (toll free) 1-700-555-2055 and listen for “Clear Rate.” Or, you may call Customer Care at 1-877-877-4799 and one of our Customer Care representatives will be happy to assist you.

Under what name will the charges appear on my phone bill?

Clear Rate Communications, Inc. Customers will receive a statement directly from Clear Rate.

What are the billing increments or cycles?

Long Distance calls are measured, and billed, in 6-second increments. The minimum length of each call is 18 seconds. For Local and unlimited calling packages, the first day you are switched to Clear Rate is the first day of your billing cycle. Your first bill will be for 30 days of service & will be due roughly three weeks after the date your service is switched to us.

What does it mean to be “billed in 6-second increments” and does this save me money?

A 6-second increment means that if you talk on the phone for 6 seconds, you pay for exactly 6 seconds. If you talk for 7 seconds, you pay for 12 seconds, and so on. Normally, phone calls are billed in 60-second increments, meaning that you are charged for a full minute of time even if you use only a fraction of the minute.

When does Clear Rate send me a bill?

Calls are billed monthly and invoices are sent out by direct mail. For Local customers, your bill will be sent after your service is transferred.

If I’ve never signed up for a calling plan, what happens when I make a long distance call?

If you don’t remember ever signing up for a long distance plan, chances are you’re using a standard-rate long distance plan. Much of the calling public still pays standard direct-dial rates when calling long distance from their office or home. These rates tend to be the highest in the industry. In fact, 60 percent of Americans have basic long distance service and are losing $2 billion a year in savings, according to the United Homeowners Association.

To sign up for an unlimited long distance calling plan, contact Clear Rate Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799

What is a PIC freeze?

A PIC freeze prevents slamming or an unauthorized switch of services. If you have a primary inter-exchange carrier (PIC) freeze on your phone number carriers cannot make changes without your permission. To activate or deactivate a PIC freeze, send written notification to Clear Rate or simply contact Customer Care at 1.877.877.4799.

Calling Patterns

When assessing your local or long distance service, you must consider your calling patterns. If your peak calling time is during a period of the day when your current long distance plan charges a high rate, you will be able to save money with Clear Rate’s anytime-anywhere flat 4.9 cents a minute service or you may take advantage of one of our Unlimited calling plans.

Does Clear Rate make me use the Internet (Voice over IP) or dial-around numbers (800) with PINs to connect my calls?

No, not at this time. Many other service providers offering “unbelievably” low rates make their predominately residential customers use confusing 800 dial-around numbers before making a call. Or, they insist on their customers using their home computer and the Internet (Voice over IP) for poor quality, unreliable long distance service.

How do I know if Clear Rate is registered or approved to provide telecommunications service?

We are registered and licensed to provide phone service within the States of California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. We are also regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.