Call Recorder Portal Overview

To login, go to and enter your uControl username and password.

Once in, you will see the Dashboard screen. Select the Recordings option in the menu bar to show recorded calls.



By default, the All Calls tab is selected. To search for calls, enter information into the search bar and click Search.

Recordings Search


Or you can select another tab, such as Active Calls or By User to filter the results. There is also an Advanced Search tab that allows you to search by a wide variety of criteria.

Advanced Search


When the calls you want are shown, you can check the box to the left of one or more of them (1) to perform a variety of functions, including Downloading the audio file(s) (2) and marking the call(s) as confidential, an option you can select by clicking the More (3) button.

Recording Options


Clicking on the name or number in the file details will open new options, allowing you to Play the call (4), see More details (5), or Save (download) the audio file (6).



To view call reports, select the Reports option in the header menu bar. The reports available to you will depend on your package and setup with Clear Rate.


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