Click the links below to see information and videos, or to download applications.

CommPortal Video Tutorials

Learn how to view calls and message notifications, listen to voicemail, look up contacts, and configure settings for features like call forwarding, emailing voicemails, or blocking anonymous calls. CommPortal is included in all uControl Cloud PBX installations beginning in 2017.

CommPortal End User Tutorial

CommPortal Business Group Admin Tutorial

Accession Video Tutorials

Learn how to integrate your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer with your uControl Cloud PBX phone system. Accession is compatible with uControl systems installed January 2017 and later.

Accession Mobile Tutorial

Accession Desktop Tutorial

Voicemail User Guides

Voicemail setup and operation will vary depending on the services Clear Rate is providing. Select one of the links below or call us at 877-877-4799 for more information.

Voicemail User Guide for Non-uControl (Hosted PBX) Customers

Voice Mail User Guide for uControl (Hosted PBX) Systems Installed 2016 or Prior

Voice Mail User Guide for uControl (Hosted PBX) Systems Installed in 2017