Get 1 GIG BroadBeam Fiber

plus 4G LTE Failover

for only $1,495/mo.!

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Is Your Current Technology Too Slow or Unreliable?

Join thousands of companies across the country that are moving their businesses forward by switching to fiber, an ideal solution for companies that:

  • Run website, email, database, or application servers
  • Transfer large data, image, and video files
  • Need quick, reliable access to cloud-based applications
  • Support remote workers and VPNs

Complete, Turnkey Installation

Included with your installation:

  • Managed Cisco Router
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Network Terminal
  • End-to-End Installation and Coordination

Key Features:

  • We deliver BroadBeam Fiber to your premise, to the interior of your building, all the way to your data room
  • We install all necessary conduit
  • We coordinate building access and approvals with the landlord, so you don’t have to

Why Choose BroadBeam Fiber?

Extremely Reliable

  • All your voice and data through a single connection with guaranteed 99.99% uptime backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Not susceptible to electrical interference or inclement weather conditions
  • Actively monitored by our advanced Network Operations Center (NOC)

Fast, Flexible, and Future-Ready

  • Faster downloads and file sharing with symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Scalable bandwidth to fit today’s needs and support tomorrow’s growth
  • The fastest connectivity available today keeps you well positioned for evolving technology (video, cloud, and whatever’s next) and huge files of the future

More Secure

  • Unlike metal cables, no electromagnetic emissions to intercept
  • Nearly impossible to physically tap without being detected

The Clear Rate Advantage

  • A 15 year history of innovative technology and unmatched customer service
  • A complete service portfolio, including voice, internet, and data services

Clear Rate is an E-rate Approved Vendor

Call today to discuss solutions for your public, private, or charter school that qualify for E-rate funding.

Is BroadBeam Fiber Available at Your Business Location?

We deliver BroadBeam Fiber across a network that spans the nation and touches all 50 states, with access available in many major metro areas.

US Map Fiber Coverage

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