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Clear Rate IP-PRI

Keep your PRI-enabled PBX and save 

IP-PRI is perfect for companies that are looking to upgrade from copper-based voice connections and utilize their current high-speed internet connection to enable more advanced voice services.


IP-PRI replaces older, TDM-PRI technology which only carries 23 analog voice channels. With IP-PRI, use as many voice channels as you want — similar to the functionality of SIP Trunking. IP-PRI makes it easier for your IT department to monitor phone and internet service.

The Clear Rate IP-PRI difference:

  • Significant savings by eliminating expensive copper lines
  • Eliminate maintenance costs of outdated services and costs associated with downtime
  • Keep your current internet
  • Easy-to-install
  • Higher quality voice connections than analog
  • Optimize bandwidth up or down depending on voice and data demands

We are happy to customize a plan for your business.