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Transform your network - Clear Rate SD-WAN

Let us manage your network while you grow your business!

Businesses no longer need expensive hardware, private networks and dedicated resources to connect their organization.  With a SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) companies gain flexibility, scalability, and cost savings while connecting geographically dispersed locations, such as branch offices, data centers, and cloud resources.


Why Choose SD-WAN?

Cost savings

By enabling alternative transport types and replacing antiquated VPN technology, your company experiences reduced WAN costs and scaled capacity.

Enhanced security

Due to encryption, firewall capabilities, and integrated threat intelligence, our SD-WAN protects data privacy, and mitigates cybersecurity risks across the network.

Centralized management and orchestration

Allows administrators to easily provision, monitor and troubleshoot as well as define and manage how traffic is routed across the network.

Dynamic traffic routing and optimization

Intelligently and dynamically routes network traffic based on factors such as application type, performance requirements, and network conditions to ensure efficient use of available bandwidth.

Improved performance and user experience

Since the network performs more efficiently users can quickly access their applications without latency, packet loss, and jitter.

Agility and scalability

Facilitates rapid network deployment and scaling without physical infrastructure changes. New sites can be quickly connected to the corporate network, and network policies can be easily adjusted to meet changing business requirements.

Seamless Cloud and SaaS integration

Optimizes connectivity to cloud resources, ensures reliable access to cloud-based applications, and simplifies the management of distributed environments.

The Clear Rate SD-WAN Difference:

  • Fully managed Wide Area Network solution – provisioning, network segmentation and QoS.
  • Internet provider agnostic – can be bundled with Clear Rate Fiber internet or other providers.
  • Monitoring, administration and reporting through a user-friendly portal.
  • Peace of mind knowing updates will be managed by Clear Rate experts.
  • 24 x 7 live, local NOC support – we’ll always answer the phone when you call.

We are happy to customize a plan for your business.