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Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Rate

Who is Clear Rate Communications?

Clear Rate Communications is a full-service telecommunications provider with corporate headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

Who are some of Clear Rate’s Business customers?

Clear Rate serves many businesses in the public and private sectors, including government, school districts, colleges, banks and financial institutions, car dealerships, medical facilities, manufacturers, hotels, and many other industries.

How long has Clear Rate been providing voice, internet, and data service?

Clear Rate has been in providing service to residential and business customers since 2001.

How can Clear Rate provide voice, internet, and data service at a lower cost than the local phone company?

Using all or most of our own network allows Clear Rate to provide extremely reliable service at very competitive rates.

What makes Clear Rate service reliable?

The fiber network, equipment, and back-up systems Clear Rate uses are compliant with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards for back-up power and redundancy. Our network has redundant generator and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that are monitored 24/7 and receive regularly scheduled physical inspection and proactive maintenance to ensure continued operation, even in extended power outages.

What are the main benefits of purchasing integrated voice, internet, and data service?

Integrated voice, internet, and data service provides reliable Business Class service. Repair issues are uncommon but they do occur, the intervals are quicker than non-integrated solutions.

How long will it take to install our Clear Rate business service?

Standard installation is complete in less than 4 weeks after a signed agreement is received. We can schedule installation dates earlier or later than this to accommodate various customer needs.

Do I have to buy any special equipment when I switch to Clear Rate?

No. Our equipment will work with virtually any phone system or customer-owned equipment.

Is there any downtime when my service is transferred?

We conduct all work before the day of the service transfer, which minimizes downtime to about 10 minutes on the day of your service transfer.

Can I transfer all of my existing phone numbers?

Yes. You can also add new telephone numbers.

Who do I call if there is a service issue?

Please contact Clear Rate Repair at 866.366.4665 for any repair issues.

Is electronic billing and reporting available?

Yes. You can sign up on the website to view your account and service electronically. Additionally, you can pull call usage reports.

Does Clear Rate use a fiber-optic network?

Clear Rate utilizes a 100% fiber-optic network, the world’s first integrated global internet protocol (IP)-based network. The global IP network can circle the globe more than four times. Its expansive footprint, coupled with its direct interconnections, exceeds all other competitor networks and enables its business customers and internet service providers (ISPs) to reach more destinations directly through the global IP backbone.

It has approximately 100,000 route miles, reaching 27 countries and more than 200 major cities. This network is the world’s farthest reaching global network (based on company owned Points of Presence [POPs]), spanning more than 4,500 POPs throughout the world. It supports 2.2 million global dial modems and high-capacity connections to more than 102,000 active buildings.

Will I see a local phone technician or a Clear Rate technician?

It depends on the solution. In many cases, a local phone technician will install the local loop and a Clear Rate technician will install equipment and test your service prior to service turn-up.

Toll-Free Codes – 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833

Today, there are several toll-free codes, including 800, 866, 877, 888, 855, 844, and 833. Toll-free codes are not interchangeable. 800.123.4567 is not the same as 877.123.4567. Calls to each toll-free number are routed to a particular phone number, although calls to different toll-free numbers may be routed to the same local phone number. The Commission plans to address how to promote competition among multiple providers of directory assistance. In the meantime, it has required that all 555 numbers in the 888 area code (888.555.XXXX numbers) remain unavailable for allocation. 

How do toll-free numbers work

Toll-free numbers – 800/888/877/866.NXX.XXXX – work with NXX codes (where N is a digit between 2 and 9 and X is a digit between 0 and 9). They allow callers to reach businesses or individuals without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll-free number is paid by the called party instead of the calling party (the called party is called the toll-free subscriber).

How can I get a “vanity” number?

A vanity number is a toll-free telephone number that also spells a person or company’s name, a word, or acronym chosen by the subscriber. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-888-NEW-CARS. To find out the status of a specific toll-free number, contact Clear Rate’s Customer Care Team.

Under what name will the charges appear on my phone bill?

Clear Rate Communications, Inc. Customers will receive a statement directly from Clear Rate.

How will I know if I’m switched to Clear Rate?

Just call (toll free) 700.555.2055 and listen for “Clear Rate.” Or, you may call Customer Care at 877.877.4799 and one of our Customer Care representatives will be happy to assist you.

How much will it cost to switch my service?

If you are switching both local and long distance service and are not in a contract with your current carrier, there is no cost to you. Clear Rate pays for everything and even notifies your previous carriers for you. Contact your carrier with questions regarding contract status.

How does Clear Rate offer such low rates?

Clear Rate is an independent telecommunications service provider. Rather than spending on advertising and marketing, we spend our money to provide better service.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go directly to a major carrier?

No. The biggest cost to a long distance carrier is marketing. Clear Rate has grown primarily through word of mouth. We simply ask members to share their experiences versus spending top dollar on marketing and advertising. That allows us to offer the lowest costs in the industry.

I have Verizon local service and have not been able to switch before. How can Clear Rate offer me service?

Other companies choose not to operate in the Verizon or Frontier territories simply because the access rates are higher in rural areas. Clear Rate believes that every consumer should have a choice when it comes to local telephone service.

I’m moving. How do I move my phone service?

If you wish to move your service to a new address, please contact Customer Care at 877.877.4799. Most move orders complete within 1-5 business days. 

If you are moving to an area we do not currently service, you may not be able to keep your Clear Rate telephone service. If your new area is not covered by Clear Rate, contact Clear Rate to disconnect your line at 877.877.4799.

How is my billing due date determined? Can I change my monthly due date?

We operate our billing on a 30-day billing cycle, starting from your first day of service. Your invoice is printed and mailed to you on the first day of each 30-day cycle, and the due date is approximately three weeks later.

If you need to change your due date, please contact Customer Care at 877.877.4799. A pro-rated bill for the number of days of service between your old due date and your new due date will be issued and we will change your next billing cycle to the due date you request.

What are the billing increments or cycles?

For Local and Unlimited Calling packages, the first day you are switched to Clear Rate is the first day of your billing cycle. Your first bill will be for 30 days of service and will be due roughly three weeks after the date your service is switched to us.

When does Clear Rate send me a bill?

Calls are billed monthly and invoices are sent out by direct mail. For Local customers, your bill will be sent after your service is transferred.

Is there a referral bonus for Clear Rate telephone service?

Yes! Clear Rate Communications has great appreciation for our customers that tell their family and friends about our service. Unlike other phone companies, Clear Rate Communications shows their appreciation for word-of-mouth advertising by giving a Refer-A-Friend credit to our valued customers.

  • Refer-A-Friend: If you have Clear Rate Unlimited Local and Long Distance phone service and you refer a friend or family member and they sign up for an Unlimited Calling Plan, you will receive a $25.00 credit when they mention your name, have been an active customer for thirty days, and paid their first invoice. The person whom you referred will also receive a $25.00 credit on their first bill. Both accounts must be active to receive the credit.
Will I get any more bills from my previous phone carrier?

Yes. You should receive a final bill from your previous telephone carrier within 30 days of switching to Clear Rate Communications. In rare cases, your previous phone provider may continue to bill you inadvertently and may require additional notification of the change in your telephone service provider. If you have any billing issues with your previous carriers, please contact Clear Rate Customer Care at 877.877.4799. We will be pleased to help.

Do I need to call my current phone carrier and cancel with them?

No. You will not need to contact your current phone carrier when you switch to Clear Rate. We will alert both your local and long distance carriers of your change in telephone providers. If you continue to receive new charges from your previous carrier, please contact Customer Care at 877.877.4799.

Will I lose service when my line is converted to Clear Rate?

No. Your phone service will not be interrupted when you convert to Clear Rate Communications. The process of switching the service from your previous carrier is seamless to the customer.

How long does it take to start my new Clear Rate telephone service?

Most customers can begin enjoying Clear Rate telephone service within 24 hours. If you have existing phone service, Clear Rate can convert your line in 1-3 business days. Customers requesting new service can expect their lines to become active in 1-5 business days.

Will my phone number change when I switch to Clear Rate?

No. Your existing phone number will be converted to Clear Rate from your current carrier. The phone number and quality of service will remain consistent. There is absolutely no interruption due to the service transfer.

Is a deposit required to get Clear Rate telephone service?

No, we never ask for a deposit to start Clear Rate telephone service and we never turn a customer away.

To start your service with Clear Rate Communications, we will process a basic credit check which will not impact your credit rating. If you have existing phone service with another carrier, there is no charge for the credit check. If you require a new telephone number, a non-refundable credit check fee of $4.95 must be paid up front. If your credit score passes Clear Rate’s pre-defined credit parameters, the conversion of your service will begin immediately. If for any reason the credit is unsatisfactory, you may be asked to start your Clear Rate telephone service as a Pre-Pay Customer.

A Pre-Pay Customer will be asked to pay the initial monthly service charges prior to activating service. Once you have made six consecutive on-time monthly payments, you may request to be removed from Pre-Pay status.

What is a PIC freeze?

If you have a Primary Inter-Exchange Carrier (PIC) freeze on your phone, number carriers cannot make changes without your permission. To activate or deactivate a PIC freeze, send written notification to Clear Rate or simply contact Customer Care at 877.877.4799. 

If I select an Unlimited Calling plan, are there any calls I would be charged for?

Yes. There is a charge associated with international calling, Directory Assistance calls, and customer-owned incoming toll-free calls. Local and domestic long distance calls in the lower 48 states are free.

How will I know my phone number has been switched to Clear Rate?

You may call Customer Care at 877.877.4799 and one of our Customer Care representatives will be happy to update you on your current order status.