Not all data backups are created equally. Don’t put yours in the wrong hands.

The Question Isn’t If – It’s When.

If you haven’t had a data loss yet at your company, consider yourself fortunate. Before it happens, make sure you have a secure backup plan in place.

With Agentless Cloud Backup & Recovery from Clear Rate Communications, your business is defended from data loss with the most advanced, reliable data protection available today. And the agentless architecture means you get a superior solution without the hassles of agent installation and maintenance on every machine in your organization.

Why Go Agentless?

  • Agents require open firewall ports, and are thus susceptible to hacking
  • Agent installs and upgrades require a machine reboot, meaning more downtime for every workstation, server, or application you’re backing up
  • Agents waste server resources, which hurts app performance

Agentless Cloud Backup & Recovery avoids these challenges while delivering more complete and better performing data protection than traditional backup platforms.

Is Agentless Cloud Backup & Recovery right for your business?

The Benefits of a Premier Backup & Recovery Platform

  • Security: Meets all major compliance requirements and doesn’t depend on attack-vulnerable agents
  • Recovery Speed: Failover to a local or remote environment in minutes, not hours or days
  • Manageability: Intuitive dashboard enables you to manage backup and recovery throughout the organization
  • Reliability: Constant checking for data integrity and regular validation of backup capabilities through recovery simulations
  • Affordability: Reduced storage costs as we leverage the latest technologies in block-level and incremental-forever backup, deduplication, and compression


36 month term 60 month term
Per 100 GB $49.99/mo.


Want More Control over Your Private Cloud?

We offer both Virtual Private Server and Colocation services to give you the ultimate security and control over your network. Talk to a specialist today to find out which solution is right for your business.