A Security Breach Could Devastate Your Business. Are You Prepared?

As a business, you rely on the security of your data, whether it’s your proprietary product plans, sensitive customer or prospect information, confidential financial statements, or any other private records you need to operate. Unfortunately, in our modern, hyper-connected world, all of this sensitive data is vulnerable to cyber attacks, the sophistication of which are increasing at an alarming rate.

And because the cost of a security breach can be debilitating to a business of any size — from the fines, settlements, and reputation damage of stolen customer files to the complete loss of data and system functionality caused by destructive malware — businesses today need sophisticated protection.

Fortinet Managed Firewall and Security Solutions

  • Integrated intrusion prevention employs a wide variety of detection and prevention technology to thwart a wide variety of attacks
  • Detects and blocks at the application level, not just the port or protocol level
  • Multi-layered redundancy for maximum security and uptime
  • Retrospectively detects malware that previously appeared clean or somehow evaded initial defenses
  • User-friendly portal allows for easy monitoring, administration, and reporting
  • Extensive threat intelligence through constant learning
    • • 1.5 million unique malware samples identified daily
    • • 19.7 billion threats blocked daily
    • • 600 billion emails scanned daily
    • • 16 billion web requests monitored daily
  • Intrusion Protection System (IPS) rules and network firewall policy are automatically updated to adapt to changes in the network, files, or hosts

One Single Point of Security – No Matter How Many Locations

If your company requires a custom level of security or needs to meet regulatory security compliances, we offer a simple solution that can match your specifications. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 location or 100, we give you a single point of security and a single dashboard to manage your cloud firewall.

Are You Ready for Enterprise-Class Security?

Monitor, Configure, and Report on Your Firewall with This Powerful Cisco User Portal

Manage and monitor your end-user access, device logins, firewall connections, and network resources, or access a host of reports to help you see what your network does at a glance.

NetDefense Next-Gen Cloud Firewall Pricing

10 Endpoints

36 mo. term 60 mo. term



20 Endpoints

36 mo. term 60 mo. term



30 Endpoints

36 mo. term 60 mo. term



If your business connects to the internet or uses cloud applications, you are vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber attacks.

Protect your business today.