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T-1 Services: Business and Enterprise Class Service

Clear Rate’s business-class, dedicated internet service is built for those companies that can’t leave anything to chance. Whether it’s primary internet access for enhanced security, or a backup to ensure you never lose connectivity, we have a solution.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% throughput and 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Low latency, high-performance connectivity for high priority web/VoIP traffic
  • Flexible bandwidth options up to 12 mbps symmetrical
  • Long distance loops for stable Internet in remote areas

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Proactive Monitoring – We’re There When Others Aren’t


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes when your ISP proactively monitors your internet connectivity. For businesses with mission-critical applications, this means the knowledge that you’re covered in times of emergency. Clear Rate continuously pings your network to evaluate availability and check for problems. We can spot warning signs before you notice them and have our teams ready to address the situation before you even reach for the phone.

As soon as we detect a problem, we take the following actions:

  • Email you a notification
  • Automatically issue a trouble ticket
  • Our Network Operations Center begins troubleshooting and resolving the issue

We work to resolve your issue faster and minimize your downtime
without you having to take a single action.

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Do You Need Your Voice Service to Be as Rock-Solid as Your Internet?

Check out our Flex T-1’s. They allow you to combine your voice and data on one circuit for stable service and lower costs.