Do You Have IT Problems?


• Limited or no IT resources?


• Need to add employees or a new location?


• Overpaying an IT vendor that isn’t always reliable or available?

It’s time for Total IT

Reliable, Stress-Free, End-to-End IT

In today’s competitive, tech-dependent environment, businesses are more reliant than ever on their IT infrastructure. If you aren’t allocating enough resources to your IT services, your business will suffer.

With Total IT, supported by Clear Rate, you can avoid the risk of a complete operational shutdown due to a server crash or phone outage.

You’ll have access to a vast array of technical expertise, managed services and the latest cloud technologies so you will significantly improve reliability, save money and free up time to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

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Need to support more than 30 employees? Let us customize a solution for you!

Do IT Better

TimeBetter Use of Your Time

Have you ever considered how much your IT manager could be adding to your business if s/he wasn’t constantly fighting fires? Or if you don’t have in-house IT resources, how much of your workday is spent pretending to be an IT expert, or even worse, adjusting your work around known IT problems that you just don’t have the time to figure out?

With Total IT, we take on the maintenance of your IT systems and technical support for your staff, which means that everything works and you can spend your time on growing your business.

MoneyBetter Use of Your Money

Technology is an integral part of every modern business. Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. In addition to potentially huge expenditures on hardware like phones, servers, firewalls, ethernet switches, and routers (just to name a few), there are expensive software and licensing costs for email, anti-spam, anti-virus, and data backup/recovery (again, naming only a few), as well as the cost of IT resources to maintain all of them.

With Total IT, massive upfront capital expenses are replaced with low, predictable, monthly charges as you leverage our deep relationships with hardware/software providers, our expertise in the latest cloud technologies, and our volume-based purchasing power.

MasteryBetter Degree of Expertise

Let’s face facts. No matter how talented your in-house IT team is, they’re limited. In the fast-changing world of technology, they can’t possibly have granular expertise in every facet of IT.

With Total IT, our team of experts become an extension of your team. So not only are time-consuming IT tasks being taken off your team’s plate, they’re being handled by technicians and engineers that have vast experience in areas that your team may not, whether it’s email, virtualization, networking, or any of the other areas in which we provide managed services.