Can Your Current Phone System Do All This?

(*Features subject to seat level, click here for details)

Professional Installation 

Unlike other companies that will just send you equipment, our qualified technicians will install and test the new system for you

Phones and Ethernet Switch Included 

No need to buy expensive and bulky equipment, we provide the phone system and the PoE switch

Auto Attendant 

Greet callers with state-of-the-art automated receptionist functions including a custom greeting and dial-by-name directory

Multiple Call Appearances

Make and receive calls from multiple devices or locations on a single line

Call Jump

Transfer a current call to another device without interrupting the conversation

Communicator App

Access and use all of the features of your uControl Cloud PBX phone and more on your mobile device or computer

Multi Line Hunt Groups

Direct incoming calls to a selection of lines in a specified sequence until one of the lines answers

Call Pickup Groups

Allow users to answer incoming calls to lines other than their own


Allow callers to leave a voice message when you can’t answer your phone

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail messages as audio files sent to you via email

Voicemail Transcription

Receive voicemail messages as text files sent to you via email

Caller ID

See the calling party’s name and number

Speed Dial, Short Codes, Intercom Codes

Place internal, external, and intercom calls with as little as 1 digit

Automatic Call Back, Automatic Recall

Easily return the most recent call or hear the caller’s number followed by an option to return the call

Call Waiting with Caller ID

See the calling number and/or name when a second caller is on the line

Call Hold

Put a call on hold to dial or receive another call

Call Transfer

Transfer a call to another party

Call Park/Pickup

Put a conversation on hold on one line to be picked up and continued on another line

Paging/Intercom Features

Use a phone to broadcast an announcement over one or more connected speakers

Shared Line Appearance

Monitor another phone, receive its calls, and transfer or send to voicemail

Web Portal

Manage calls, faxes, voicemails, and phone settings through an easy-to-use interface

Administrators can view other lines and configure business-level features

Business Call Manager (BCM)

Enable customized call forwarding or a simultaneous ring to a mobile device

Receptionist Features

Monitor an entire office, see who’s available, and easily transfer calls

Do Not Disturb

Send all incoming calls directly to voicemail

Click to Dial

Place calls to contacts instantly in applications such as Microsoft Outlook

Desk Phone Customization

Configure phone buttons to your personal needs through an easy graphical user interface

Video Chat

Choose to uplift your call to a video call when the other party has a compatible service

Fax to Email

Send and receive faxes via email

Account Codes

Require an account code to be entered before placing certain types of calls, such as international or premium rate calls

Call Logs

Easily access a log of all calls made, missed, and answered across the entire company

Music on Hold

Play music or pre-recorded messages to callers on hold

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