Access all of the power of your uControl desk phone on your mobile device.

Accession extends the rich experience of your uControl Cloud PBX to your mobile device. Make and receive calls or easily move them between your desk and mobile clients or handsets. Save mobile minutes, especially internationally, by using WiFi or 3G/4G mobile data channels for calling.

  • Instant messaging integrated with other users in your company
  • View your entire corporate directory or just the contacts you want
  • View “presence” status for your co-workers
  • Use Call Jump to seamlessly move a call from your mobile device to your desk phone, Accession Desktop, or any number you choose — without interrupting your conversation
  • Optimized user experience enables users to segregate business usage and calls from personal usage

Accession uses cutting edge technology to ensure a high level of voice quality, even in so-so coverage. You can even move from a WiFi hotspot to a 3G/4G mobile data network without the call dropping. Accession has been highly optimized so that it uses very little battery life.

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Communicate More Effectively with Accession

Accession isn’t just for mobile devices. When also used on your laptop or desktop, Accession enables you to integrate voice, instant messaging, video, and email into a single, cross platform user experience. Accession will become the primary means by which your employees communicate. Key benefits include:


  • Softphone enables voice communications, either within the client itself or integrated with the desk phone or mobile device
  • Corporate directory/contact management – communicate with the click of a mouse, via IM, voice, or video. Add and subtract contacts from in or outside your company, or integrate with your Outlook contacts
  • “Presence” capabilities – know the status of your co-workers real time — available, away, in a meeting, or offline — so you know the best way to reach them
  • Works with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Visual voicemail – listen to your voicemails in any order
  • Integrate with Outlook email to see presence status and click to dial or chat

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