Combine the voice flexibility of your PRI with stable T-1 internet service.

What Is Flex PRI?

A Flex PRI uses the T-1 circuit that delivers your PRI with data access on the same pipeline. You get rock-solid internet service and the call quality and flexibility of a PRI on one plan. This can help your company maintain what it needs, while reducing your overall telecom costs. This is a full PRI with 24 channels (23 talk channels and a D-channel), giving you the maximum call quantity while still delivering data to your network.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% throughput and 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Low latency, high performance connectivity for high priority web and voice traffic
  • Flexible bandwidth options up to 12 Mbps symmetrical
  • Automatic failover

Key Features:

  • Static IP for security and ease of access
  • 40 Direct Inward Dial #’s (DID’s)
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance calling
  • Caller ID with name
  • Managed router
  • Enhanced 911

Who Needs a Flex PRI?

A Flex PRI is perfect for companies who have an existing PBX with a PRI card or are looking to use a PRI in a new phone system. The internet service from Flex PRI is perfect for redundant internet access. Get the security and stability of a T-1 and the proven technology of a PRI, all for one cost. If you want to manage costs by having a PRI with data for primary or back up internet connectivity, this is the product for you.

Flex PRI gives you the flexibility to use one circuit to meet your business needs, and keep costs in line.

Combine your phone and internet bills for simple billing statements and stable monthly costs.

Need the Cost Savings of a Flex PRI, but Not Using PRI in Your Phone System? We Have You Covered.

Our Flex T-1 can deliver the same single-circuit voice and data path without needing to change your PBX over to a PRI capable system.

Find out if this solution is right for you.