Clear Rate Communications is an innovative telecommunications service provider that provides voice, data, and internet solutions to over 30,000 residential and business customers throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Nationwide. By simplifying our billing procedures and reducing the number of complex calling plans, we keep our rates Clear and concise for all of our customers.

Making Businesses Better

We enable businesses to leverage innovative technology that increases productivity and provides a significant competitive advantage. Our Voice products include Cloud-Hosted PBX systems, ISDN-PRI, SIP Trunking, and both Digital and Analog Business phone lines.

Our Data products include Fiber Internet, MPLS, Ethernet, Collocation Data Center Services, Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email, Managed Wifi and Firewall services, and many other advanced telecommunications products.


Clear Rate Communications is trusted by the public sector and almost every industry in the private sector to meet all of their telecommunication needs. In the public sector, we provide service to police departments, fire departments, school districts, colleges, and both city and county governments.

In the private sector, we provide service to hospitals, banks and credit unions, hotels, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, and many other businesses.

Strong, and Growing

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan and in business since 2001, we are cash flow positive, very profitable, and have no long term debt. Our market focus is continued organic growth by entering new markets throughout most of the continental United States and Canada.

Our goal is to provide our customers with customized telecommunications services that are innovative, competitively-priced, and the most reliable in the industry, and to support those products with outstanding customer service.

Here for Our Customers

We pride ourselves on providing best in class customer service. Our advanced Network Operations Center proactively monitors your network, equipment, and systems to ensure that problems are rare. But, as our current customers can tell you, when an issue does arise we respond promptly and don’t quit until everything is operating as it should.

Whether we’re helping you set up a VoIP phone or installing new fiber to your office building, we are with you throughout the entire process and will never hand you a wire and say, “Figure it out.”

Searching for Clarity in the Complicated World of Telecom

In today’s highly competitive telecommunications market there seems to be a new phone company or a rebirth of an old Telco almost every day. New communication products and service plans are being developed at a staggering rate. Never before have you had such a broad range of product and service options for all of your various communication needs. However, understanding these options and the costs associated with them has become exceedingly difficult.

Several phone giants have begun redesigning their complex phone bills to make them easier to understand. Yet, no matter how well-designed their phone bills are, they have a long way to go when it comes to offering clear and simple plans and services.

We know that when your bill is simple and easy to understand, you use your communication services wisely and avoid extra charges and costly fees. And that’s why Clear Rate Communications was formed.


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