Who should consider IP PRI?

IP PRI is perfect for companies that are looking to upgrade from copper-based voice connections like TDM-PRI to advanced IP voice services.

What is IP PRI?

IP PRI allows users to take advantage of their current high-speed internet connection to enable advanced voice services.  Older, TDM-PRI technology is copper-based and only carries 23 analog voice channels, while IP-PRI allows you to choose as many voice channels as you want — similar to the functionality of SIP Trunking.  For an IT specialist, IP-PRI makes it easier to monitor phone and internet service, since TDM-PRIs are a standalone circuit.

Advantages of IP PRI

  • Significant savings – Eliminate expensive copper lines, maintenance costs of outdated service and costs associated with downtime.
  • Keep your current internet – If you’re happy with you current internet provider, there’s no need to hassle with switching.
  • Easy-to-install – There’s no physical circuit involved.  Clear Rate will deploy the gateway and install for you.
  • Experience Quality Get higher quality voice connections and modernize your phone system using digital vs. analog technology.
  • Optimize Bandwidth –  PRI is extremely flexible and allows businesses to easily scale up and down depending on voice and data demands.